FPS Brewing Systems

FPS Brewing Systems has set out to supply brewer's worldwide with the highest quality imported equipment while providing them with an economical solution for new start-ups, expansion projects or cellar additions.  Our equipment is designed based on North American & European standards with INOXPA pumps & Kelvion Plate Heat Exchanger's as our standard supply on all brewhaus projects.  With brewhaus design up to 50bbl/hl systems & cellar tanks up to 150bbl/hl FPS Brewing Systems can supply any project.

Let FPS provide you with equipment for your next expansion or new brewhaus project.


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2017 FPS Global Partners, Corp.


WhatsApp: +1 305 4871556

U.K. Mobile: +44 0 7384 021 890

Direct Email: info@fpsglobalpartners.com

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